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10 Apr

Vehicle Engine Cooling System Pt2

Now we have the basics, we can now get into the routine of preventive maintenance which in this case is how to prevent your car from overheating. Read more about Automobile The following, below, can keep your engine cooling system in check: Check your engine coolant/water level and top up (to the recommended level which is usually marked), if necessary. Also keep the frequency of the top-up in check because an excessive shortage of cooling fluids is normally associated with a leak in...

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3 Apr

Vehicle Cooling System

  Ever wondered why some engines last longer than others or how we can get the best mileage from a vehicle while maintaining sanity? To understand how to, we have to understand that the most important process that goes on in an engine is the cooling system. Read more about Automobile Engines by design, have a temperature band that is optimal for their operation. Most vehicles work better in this temperature band due to various variables like oil temperature, oil viscosity, water...

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19 Mar

5 Tips For The Belt Maintenance of Your Car

The primary purpose of a drive belt  is to drive or power the engine accessories, e.g alternator, A/c compressor, power steering, water pump, and any additional accessories like idler pulley. The serpentine  belt  is the link that keeps everything in tune when an engine runs. Some cars possess one drive belt only, whereas others have several. You should check your belts for cracks and signs of wear even though they last a long time.  Over time, the drive belts wear out, if very worn or...

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27 Feb

DIY: 5 Car Maintenance Tips

It goes without saying that doing some maintenance work on your vehicle by yourself actually goes a long way in helping you cut back on expenses, monthly. Many things you look to your mechanic to solve can actually be done by yourself and except you would pay yourself it would be free of course. Read more about DIY So on today’s DIY, we would be informing you of some car maintenance tasks you can do for yourself by yourself. 1. Changing Your Air Filter You could actually switch up...

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19 Dec

How to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition this Rainy Season

Rain has become more frequent these days because its season has come. While farmers and agricultural enthusiasts are grateful for the blessing of the rain, those who drive are concerned about their vehicle’s condition. How do you keep your vehicle in good condition while enjoying the the blessing of the rain? Coscharis Motors suggests these tips: 1. Ensure that your wiper blades are in perfect condition so they don’t fail you when it is pouring cats and dogs on your view! 2. Check your...

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