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19 Dec

10 Things You'll Experience in a Danfo

Danfos are the yellow commercial buses that you see everywhere in Lagos. If you live around Lagos and its environs you are sure to be familiar with the following scenarios. Here are ten things you would experience in a danfo: 1. Bus fare changes: There is always a variation in the bus fee. No bus fare is fixed. The price you paid the previous day is way different from the price you are expected to pay the next day. This is especially during rush hours. 2. No change: There is always no...

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19 Dec

How to Check the Validity of Your Vehicle's Plate Number Online Using Lagos State's MVRS

Imagine this: you’re held up by traffic officers, and you’re being quizzed about the validity of your vehicle’s registration. The documents are alright- at least, that’s what you tell them –and your driving is impeccable. You try to convince them that you’re a good citizen driver, but they’re having none of it. There’s even the suggestion from one of them that your car’s number plate isn’t authentic. And you’re running late for an extremely important meeting. The Lagos...

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