19 Dec

THLD Makes Gas Fueling For Vehicles Available In Nigeria

There are more options for powering Nigeria’s cars, trucks and buses than just diesel and PMS (petrol). Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an alternative that has been vastly underutilized in Nigeria, perhaps owing to a lack of awareness of its status as a relatively safer fuel. But that might change in the next few years, as Nigerians become more concerned about getting their energy from cleaner, more efficient sources.


THLD Logistics Limited, a logistics solution company, seems bent on providing more viable fueling options for Nigerian motorists. It has unveiled plans to make LPG fuel for vehicles available in the country. This move, it anticipates, will ensure that Nigeria makes use of its petroleum gas in catering for the growing demand for energy in the country- a solution that should cost less than the traditional vehicle fuels like Petrol and Diesel. THLD’s vision of the future for Nigeria is one which features four-wheel drives that run on gas.


Olusegun Olajuwan, CEO of THLD, says his company is spearheading efforts to make gas a more sought after alternative for fueling vehicles in Nigeria partly because the nation needs to make the most of its vast reserves of oil and gas.


“Where we would strictly limit ourselves to oil and gas, the company is encouraging Nigerians to cultivate the good habit of making use of LPG for their machines”, he said. “We know the markets, and we have been in the business of selling LPG trucks to Nigerians, from our England base; the Nigerian market for LPG is big”.


On the crucial question of how vehicles could run on gas, Olajuwan said that conversion centres would deal with the installation of LPG fuel systems. He pointed out that it would enable vehicles to have two fuel systems, for LPG and petrol.


“Our conversion centres will be strategically located all over Nigeria, where cars, vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, buses and generators will be converted to run on both LPG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)”, Olajuwan explained.


If the grand plans spoken of by the THLD executive are brought to life in line with what he has described, it may see the opening up of a new niche in the fuel marketing in Nigeria. At least, petrol stations could have their incentive to exploit Nigerians pegged back a bit.



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