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CN Cars is an online vehicle marketplace designed to make buying or selling your vehicle online as stress-free as possible. Here in Nigeria, we have tens of thousands of vehicle listings from a variety of popular brands such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda everyday. The main goal of CN Cars is to provide a faster transaction between car sellersĀ  and buyers by providing innovative online ads with a wide selection of new, tokunbo and used vehicles reaching millions of internet users in Nigeria.


As a seller, you can sell your vehicle more faster when you Feature your Car on CN Cars. Your listings appears first on the top of other listings.


As a seller, you have the opportunity to sell various cars of your choice on this platform so far you signup as a user. To get more buyers, you need to signup to be a verified user and also make your listing featured.


As a buyer, you are advised to look out for our Verified Users. So you can transact with more of verified products from our Verified Users.

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